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Touch Up Image Privacy Policy

If you have any concerns regarding the information we collect, please feel free to review our privacy policy. Touch Up Image has detailed all relevant policies in a concise and clear manner for our users’ understanding. 

Touch Up Image is committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of our clients. We provide the following privacy policy to let you know how we work with your information. These rules apply to TouchUpImage.com users, website administrators, and employees alike. If need be, we may modify this privacy policy at any time without prior notice. Therefore, careful reading beforehand is encouraged. 

Contact Information:

At Clipping Path Service, we provide zero tolerance for exchanging contact details. No other party will have your contact information except us and you. 

Image Copyright:

Our top priority is protecting the image of our people or customers. We only protect your identity and privacy, and never share photos with anyone. Your photo monitoring system helps us keep your identity secure. 

Hacked resource

By default, we have a security protocol against hackers and processes files using secure server. We also prohibit search engine bots from accessing files from our internal servers. 


Quality is difficult to measure through one or two criteria. It should be based on requirements, instruction and the client’s feedback. Client instructions should be used throughout the whole process, which includes before and after processing. The final processed work should also be checked before uploading.

Our Quality Control Process

We practice Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy. Therefore, our Quality Assurance occurs with 4 levels, each 2 levels supported by our Quality Assurance Team. The 2 levels supporting Delivery Level. 

Our Supervisor

Many senior graphic designers work as supervisors and instructors to provide the best possible services for our clients. They work as standby staff members to oversee graphic designers through all workstations in their team. 

Quality Control Team

When a designer finished his work on it, it was sent to the quality assurance team. Another team then checked them with our custom software for errors and fixed them if any were found. It was then passed on to a team that checked them manually according to the client’s specifications. 

Image Delivery Level

After that, it is uploaded for the client by customer service. That is the process to ensure the quality of every unit in our shop. 

Another level of quality assurance:

To improve the skills of our employees for years to come, we also see incentivized rewards to help boost them through better

methods, routines, and cost management. 

Client Fulfillment

We center both quality-of-service and customer satisfaction feedback on feedback from customers. We also use customer

feedback to provide in-house training for our employees. 

Project Management

Our project managers are in charge of managing various operations and policies to guarantee the best overall management throughout our company. 

Human Resource Management Level

We are committed to Total Quality Management and ensure that each employee is aware of the processes applied by other production units and employees in our company. 

QA Tools and Technology

We are committed to Total Quality Management and ensure that each employee is aware of the processes applied by other

production units and employees in our company. 

QA Tools and Technology

We use custom-made software to validate errors. The Touch Up Image Adobe Photoshop QA Tool, which checks and solves the

following issues: 

Contact Information

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