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Photoshop Masking Service

Photoshop Hand draw clipping path service at affordable photo editing service

Photoshop Masking service at Touch Up Image

Photoshop mask service at an affordable price.Are you looking for a reliable photoshop mask service? We are here with all the services, including clipping mask photoshop. Are you surprised why the post begins with the pricing issue? Well. There are several explanations. First of all, clients all over the world seek quality work. At the same time, they want a lower or at least affordable price. We are a leading photo editing agency. And we have a skilled workforce to take care of the jobs. Simultaneously, we offer the best and most affordable price for our global clientele. But we do not compromise over the quality of the service. 

Moreover, we never reject our clients regardless of their order size. If you need to edit only five photos, we are there. No worries. Besides, the flexible payment plan is another plus for our clients. You will not have this particular feature from other similar agencies.

What is a photoshop masking?

Photoshop masking is not a complicated issue. Remember, this is like transparent masking. 

Are you getting confused? Well. To make the matter simple, it is the process of hiding a layer. The layer becomes invisible. But if you need it, you can get it back again with a few clicks. Photoshop masking is like placing an image on the top of another image. By this process, the image on the lower part remains hidden. However, if you need the hidden image, you can reveal it. And the photo on the upper portion will remain invisible. In fact, this is like a cake layer.  

The process of this technique is more straightforward too. You need to select the image that you want to mask. Check that there is a white square box. That is the layer mask. If you apply white color, the mask will be visible. And if you use black, the mask will be invisible. However, in a clipping mask, the process is a bit different.



Photoshop Masking using pen tools with clipping path 

The Photoshop pen tool is one of the essential tools in photoshop. The pen tool photoshop has a variety of use. Do you know how to use a pen tool in photoshop? Actually, this is like a universal tool for photo editing. The tool slices a particular object in the photo. If you need to remove a thing, you need to use a pen tool in photoshop. 

Photoshop masking with selection tools 

Besides, the role of the selection tool is remarkable. While editing photos, you need this one in most cases. In fact, you cannot select anything on photoshop without this tool. So, when you want to choose any object in the photo, you have to apply it. The illustrator selection tool is a bit different from the quick selection tool in photoshop. 

Image masking with brush tools 

The brush tool is the other tool that we use for photo editing, especially to have the clipping mask. The tool allows you to adjust specific space inside the photo. If you want to make any area visible or invisible, you need this brush tool photoshop. 

Photoshop masking with background erase tool. 

As the name suggests, the photoshop erase tool removes the background. Usually, the erase tool removes or replaces the photo background. And for masking service, it plays the same role. Mostly, photo editors use it to disappear the unwanted objects in an image. But now, the tool is visible in photo masking as well.  

Photoshop masking with channel 

Using a channel for photoshop masking is getting popular in the present day. Usually, this technique is applied when the image is colorful. In a word, when you are dealing with an image that has several colors, this is the proper technique. The alpha channel protects the color from distortion.   

Photoshop masking service at Touch Up Image   

At Touch Up Image, we provide several types of photoshop mask services. The services include: 

  • Layer masking  
  • Channel Masking In Photoshop  
  • Refine Edge Masking  
  • Transparent Object Masking  
  • Object Masking 
  • Color Masking 
  • Clipping Mask  

Let’s check the services in brief below.


Layer masking

Layer masking is the most common form of masking in photoshop. Usually, the service is about masking a layer in a photo using another layer. It takes less time to complete the job. Photo editing experts can perform the job within a short time.


Channel masking in photoshop 

 At Touch Up Image, we also have the option for channel masking in photoshop. Usually, we apply the technique to retain the colors of the objects in the images. Channel masking in photoshop is a beneficial technique for photos with complexities. And it works fine with them.


Refine Edge Masking 

When the edges of the images are not up to the mark, you need this editing technique. We have skilled photo editors who can apply refine edge masking in photos. In the end, the photos look outstanding. We are always there with this particular service.    


Transparent Object Masking

Transparent object masking is another impressive service of this photo editing agency. Under this service, you will get a transparent photo. If there are any inconsistencies in the image, we will remove them. So, the picture will look more natural and appealing.


Object masking 

When you want to mask any object in the image, you need this service. If the number of objects is more in a photo, you may need to apply it. The mask makes the object(s) invisible. However, if you want, you can unmask the objects. 


Color Masking   

When you want to display specific colors among some random colors, you need this service. The photo looks striking with the shades. In the end, the images get a gorgeous outlook. And our photo editing experts can do it quickly. Years of experience have enabled them to do this in a short length of time. 

Clipping mask  

We also provide clipping mask service to our clients. Basically, this is the process of controlling a layer in an image. If you do not want to show something in the photo, you can hide that using the clipping mask process. Thereby, your photo wears the right look. 


Who needs a photoshop masking service? 

Photo editing has universal appeal. It is not limited only to any particular scale. In fact, the range of photo editing is increasing in the present day. Even a small business owner needs a photo editing service. So, check the list below to know who needs the service. 

  • Ecommerce product photography 
  • Fashion photography  
  • Photography studios  
  • Art directors  
  • Newspapers 
  • Magazines 
  • Real estate business 
  • Automobile business 
  • F-commerce 
  • Model photographers 
  • Professional photographers 
  • Amateur photographers 
  • Television channels 
  • Advertisement agencies, and more.  

Let’s check a few of the categories in brief.  


Ecommerce product photography

Ecommerce is the world of the day. Everything is now available electronically. You can order any products or services. And they will be at your doorstep in a short time. But before ordering, you need to check the photos of the services. Photo masking plays a big role here. The service makes the photos look the best.



Fashion photography 

Undoubtedly, fashion photography relies on photo masking. Professional photo editors hide the unwanted elements in the photos using masks. So, those elements are not visible. It is also a process to save your time. Because it is always challenging to manage for another photo shoot. As you have the photo editing service, apply it to fine-tune the photos. 


Photography studios 

Did you ever check the photos you get from a photo studio? Well. In most cases, people lack time to check this. But the photography studios conduct some basic editing on the images. Consequently, the photos look nice and appealing. In fact, they also apply photo masking services in the photos.



Art directors 

Art direction is a highly sensitive matter. It is the expression of someone’s inner self. Art direction is also about aesthetics. So, photoshop masking makes a dream come true. Applying the techniques, the art director makes things happen.    

 The specialty of Our Photoshop Masking Service 

Earlier said that Touch Up Image is one of the leading photo editing agencies. We are different from others. The very first thing is that we look into the detail. 

In most cases, the photo editors lack this certain sense. They do not care about the detail. Only applying the mask is not appropriate. You need to check and think about the context. Accordingly, you have to set a plan and work to reach the goal. 

We love to check the detail. Before applying the photoshop mask service, we get information. Knowing the purpose of the photo is one of the key questions – that we ask our clients. Moreover, based on the reply, we set the strategy. In fact, we do not apply the mask randomly, as the other agencies do. 

This is the specialty of our service. It makes us proud and special than similar to other agencies. In the end, our clients can meet their needs.  

How Does Photoshop Mask Work? 

When you want to hide something in a photo, there are several ways. But not all the ways are suitable or applicable. 

If you make a wrong move, your photo may witness distortion. Moreover, the photo may lose its beauty. But if you apply a photoshop mask, there are fewer chances of damages. Most importantly, you can unveil the hidden portion at any time you need. 

To make it clearer, take this example. You have a photo with two objects. But you want to highlight one of the objects and want the other object to remain untouched. Or remain hidden. You can use background removal or other methods. But photo editing experts recommend using photoshop mask service. 

The service is able to retain the second object [that you kept hidden]. 

Usages of photoshop mask service  

The photoshop mask service is widely used to hide something [mentioned earlier]. When the photo is complex, has many curves and colors, the service is applicable. 

Typically, you can remove the background of any photo. And the process is simple. Even you will get apps on the internet for the purpose. But remember one factor, those techniques are unable to keep the image perfect. There might be some sort of damages. It may be in terms of properties or pixels. The color may also get a change.

But the photoshop mask service is a special one. It can edit the photos without causing damage to a single pixel in the photo. Therefore, photo editors across the globe prefer this method.  

When do you need a photoshop mask service? 

It is not possible to answer this matter in a few words. You may need a photoshop mask service at any time of the day, month or year. But there are certain conditions. If you are one of those who deal with photos, this is a must for you.

Moreover, when you are dealing with business, you may need a photoshop mask service. In a nutshell, almost all types of businesses require this service. They need to sell their products and services. So, they need photos. Unless the photos are edited, they cannot hold the attention of the audience. Thereby, the photos need editing. 

And photoshop mask is a prime photo editing technique.   

Last words 

This post was all about the photoshop mask and relevant other aspects. So, you have gained a remarkable level of knowledge about this matter. 

And if you need the service, feel free to ask us. We are always there to meet your needs. Drop a line at our message box or mail. We will get back to you as fast as we can. 

Thank you. 

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