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Best Jewelry Retouching and Editing Service

Jewelry retouching has become a compulsory part of image post-production. Thus, if you are a full-fledged photographer shooting jewelry pic, consider having editing and retouching services because a Jewelry editor would turn your image from amateur to professional looking within a few minutes. It’s a trick which most seasoned photographers use to get top-notch jewelry photos. It’s cost-effective, fast, and doesn’t distract you from photography.

You might agree, jewelry editorial tasks are time-consuming on their own. That’s why you must have a jewelry photo editing and retouching service by your side. It would let your revenue grow and make each project successful. On the contrary, retouching images of jewelry can lead you a long way if you are selling jewelry sets. Your sales would peak and get a lot of customer inquiry along the way. Let’s get further into what jewelry retouching is and why it matters.

What is a Jewelry Retouching Service?

Speaking about jewelry retouching, it’s a service where we enhance pictures of different jewelry pictures. A jewelry retouch photo editor uses software like Photoshop to fix up the brightness, correct colors, and spot heals unwanted marks and others. It makes jewelry editing more effective in marketing and commercial projects.

As retouching makes your images much more appealing than the original images, it’s now a must-have process. The retouching services make sure your jewelry images get all the retouching it deserves. In addition, retouching services have several categories within them. You could choose the ones that suit your needs the most.


jewelry retouching servicejewelry retouching service

Why Need Jewelry Retouching?

You would get a lot of instances where jewelry retouching service becomes a crucial step. First off, the retouching service would let you clean up the jewelry images. So, the jewelry price would be glowing and pop up with the highest brightness. Even retouching photos can improve the colors of the gemstone, diamonds, and other ornaments. Moreover, your jewelry pieces might have dirt pieces scattered all around the parts. Retouching would make sure the jewelry looks clean and doesn’t have any dirt or spots on them.

In many jewelry photography projects, you might have to change or replace the jewelry photos. That’s where Photoshop retouching services help you out as well. Removing an intricate jewelry piece is far more challenging than you might think. Professional service providers always have photo editor retouchers to remove the background of your jewelry photos. Apart from the mentioned service, a complete jewelry photo editing platform can offer you other jewelry retouching services.

Generate More Sales to Take Our Jewelry Photo Editing and Retouching Service

With our expert-driven digital photo editing service, you could increase your jewelry sales and revenue at a tremendous pace. Most people tend to look at Jewelry images before they buy a diction. Thus, a good picture editing service would let your jewelry shine even if it’s not taken entirely. Our jewelry image editing and retouching could grab the attention of more customers and entice them to get in touch.

To let you experience seamless jewelry image editing, we have prepared online retouching services panels. Using our easy-to-navigate website, you could find out the retouching service you need on Jewelry images. Our retouching and editing service would create great aesthetics on your jewelry ornaments. Tons of jewelry sellers are editing and retouching images to increase their sales. It would let you gain faster purchases and get higher customers as well.  

What Do We Offer In Jewelry Editing & Retouching Services?

We offer you a whole range of Jewellery retouching and editing services. Depending on your specific photo retouching needs, we offer you several categories of service. Take, for example, and you might want to glow up your jewelry, remove background, polish up diamonds, and so on. You could get a specific photo retouch service according to what you want to achieve. It would help you reduce costs and time on jewelry retouching tasks.

On the contrary, you might be clicking jewels models photos and need to retouch them. We provide you the perfect retouching solution to sparkle up each of your jewelry model’s photos. To help you out, we have prepared an in-depth listing of services that we have expertise in. Understanding these jewelry retouching services could lead you into a better place at your jewelry images post-production phase. It would be beneficial if you want to hire a service provider and describe the service you need.


High End Jewellery Retouching

The most popular service for us is high-end jewelry retouching. Our well-seasoned jewelry editor would polish up the image. As such, it was not retouched at all. As a result, your jewelry pictures gallery would look like they are glowing and shining naturally. High-end jewelry retouching would give you the boost even in jewelry model photos. We would fix up your skin blemishes and polish them up to make them look great. As a result, each of your jewelry model photos would be a masterpiece.


Jewelry Shadow Creation

In many cases, your jewelry might seem odd on a plain white background. A piece of jewelry with photos that has shadow adds volume to the whole composition. Our jewelry retouching and editing service let you get the accurate shadow on your jewelry images on the go. With shadow, your professional jewelry photography project shoot would look conveying in all sorts of mediums. We would illustrate the jewelry shadow on the image as if it’s real. Shadow lets you achieve a 3D perspective in neutral backgrounds. It adds a whole new level of dynamics to the jewelry image.


Jewelry Background Cleaning and Removal 

Want a clear and neutral background as you get to see it on jewelry retouching websites? We would provide you the service with sheer speed. Our expert photo editor would remove and clean up your jewelry photography backgrounds. Even if you want to add a custom background behind your jewelry piece, we hold you back on it. We have a dedicated team to work on your jewelry backgrounds regardless of jewelry shape. With a cleaned background, your jewelry piece would be the centerpiece of your images.



Dust and Poor Reflection Removal 

In many cases, you might get small dirt pieces sitting on your jewelry. If you get these on your jewelry photos, we will clean it up with pro jewelry retouching tools. As the jewelry pieces are small in size, it needs an experienced editor to make the dust removal perfect. Alongside, we would solve the poor reflection problems with our Photoshop skills. Your jewels would get virtual reflections which makes them look precious on the image. Reflection makes your jewelry valuable from a customer’s perspective.



Jewelry Photo Enhancement

If you need to enhance your jewelry photos, we provide you the service in our categories. We would pump up the aesthetics of your jewelry images within a shorter time period. And your jewelry pieces would look great in your pictures. By enhancing your jewelry photos, you create a pleasant vibe on your jewelry images. The colors of ornaments would be vibrant and attractive to look at. Enhanced ornament images perform better in places like social media, ad campaigns, and magazines.


Dust & Scratch Cleaning

Your jewelry pieces might get accidentally scratched or dust. Please don’t get any of them preventing you from the photoshoot. With our jewelry retouching services, you could vanish the scratch of your jewelry pieces. We used specialized Photoshop brushes and tools to remove it. Removing unnecessary dust on your jewels is our additional service as well. As a result, your jewelry images would be scratch and dust-free and look crisp and sharper.



Diamond Polishing

Your diamond photography might come out as expected. Thus, you could polish your diamond photograph using our Jewellery retouching services. We polish up your diamond appearance and make it look like it is sparkling all around. Our diamond polishing service ramps up the diamond reflection and polishes up its appearance. It would make your diamond look more luxurious and appealing to the viewers. You could feel the difference between before and after comparison as well.


Jewelry Background Removal

When you take jewelry photos, the studio background might be distracting. That’s where our service gives you the ease of remove jewelry background. We remove your jewelry background in a seamless fashion and replace it as you wish.

As jewelry are intricate in shape, removing the background is a bit of a time-consuming process. Yet we excel in the background removal task and provide you a smooth process along the way. Almost every solo jewelry product gets background removal to make it look more prominent on the image.



Re-coloring of Gold and Silver

Taking photos of gold and silver is not easy at all. Most of the time, it doesn’t depict the real shininess of gold and silvers. We recolor your gold and silver jewelry to make it look authentic. Real colors of these metals always grab the attention of potential customers. Jewelry color would look rich, and it would make your ornament the focus of the image. It would help you in marketing your gold and silver ornaments to the public. And it would attract quality jewelry customers for you all along the way.


Repainting shine on metal

In the following jewelry retouching service, we repaint your metal to make it look shinier. Even if you correctly arrange your studio, the metal might not glow on the image. Our photo editors would make your metal shiner with professional jewelry retouching.

Shiny metal ornaments would look great on images. Better shininess on your metal ornaments would make potential customers faster.



Creative Jewelry Edits

Few times you might need creative jewelry edits to spice up the composition in an absolute sense. To save you from getting overwhelmed, we provide you a service in an affordable range. You get to instruct us on the creative process, and our editors would do the same.

The creative composition and edits would make your jewelry a hot piece. Our skilled jewelry photo editors would make your creative briefs come in love.


Dust Cleaning

Dusts can turn your vibrant jewelry price dull looking on images. But with our expert jewelry retouching service, you get to remove all of the dust from your jewelry. Furthermore, we would shine up your jewelry stones, and it’s bodies.

Our expert editors would find out every dirt piece that is sitting on your jewelry. And we would make sure to revive the lost jewelry reflection and glow on the photo.



Base Level Adjustments

You might need basic level adjustment to your jewelry images. As an example, you might need to remove props, lights, increase lighting, and others. We provide you jewelry retouching services that let you achieve these basic level adjustments like a breeze. With faster basic level adjustment on your jewelry images, it all would let you take on the pace. Try it out, and you would make your minor adjustments a lot quicker with on-time turnovers.



Digital Masking

We have digital masking in place if you need a non-destructive way to clip out the jewelry image background. Using our masking service, you get masking your customizable jewelry. It means you could change the masking anytime.

Digital masking would let you be creative on your jewelry image edits without affecting the image permanently. It’s a great luxury to have for any jewelry photography shooting agency.



Color Preservation

If you are selling used jewelry, a color preservation service is a must. Cause, on the following jewelry retouching service, we preserve your jewelry’s actual color and make it look like a fresh piece. It’s a lot beneficial as you get to recreate the color of your jewelry. Color preservation with Photoshop effects is a lot cheaper and provides you great results. The vibrant colors of your jewelry would turn the image into an attractive piece.



Metal Smoothing

Metal jewelry might have hearse services that do not reflect the lights. With our specialized metal smoothing service, you could blend out all the scratches from the metal surface. In turn, the metal would look clean and polished. Smoothing your metal would make your photoshop worthful. Because the rough metal texture would spoil up the photograph and Jewellery retouching service fixes it up for you. Our service would let you achieve a shiny texture on your metal jewelry piece.


Who needs to jewelry retouching service?

Do you have questions roaming around in your mind about who needs jewelry photo
retouching? We will describe it right now. The person who needs the jewelry retouching service the most is who shoots photos of jewelry every day. It could be either amateur or professional photography as well. No matter which skill level you have, we provide you complete retouching on your captured jewelry photos.

Other people who need the service are jewelry sellers and resellers. If you sell your new jewelry models and don’t have a jewelry photo studio, better get a retouching service. A pro photo editing service provider, you make your image look luxurious and conveying to customers. Likewise, if you sell used jewelry, a retouching service would make your jewelry image like a fresh piece. Both ways, jewelry retouching service makes a groundbreaking difference in the aesthetics.

Why choose Touch-up image for jewelry photo editing and retouching service?

With a touch-up image, you get cheap retouching services and get spot-on jewelry images. Not to mention, you get significant discounts based on your image counts. It would let you retouch jewelry images without spending a big chunk of your photography revenue. Moreover, retouching images with our services is reliable as we have experienced and skillful photo editors. 

To make our process clear to understand, we provide you guidelines, tricks, and tips on Jewellery retouching. Further, we offer you fixed-timed delivery to make your project seamless from start to finish. In case you stumble upon any issues in the middle of a project, our customer support is always coming to help you out.

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