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In a single shot, ghost mannequins give a product dimension and reveal parts that models would typically obscure. As a result, it gives your eCommerce store a professional look and makes it easier for potential customers to visualize your products.My goal in this article is to guide you through the process of setting up your shoot, capturing the right photos, and editing your photos to achieve a ghost mannequin effect in Adobe Photoshop.

With the help of this blog post, you’ll know how to take photos that make your clothes appear floating on an invisible body.

Let’s get started!

What is the Ghost Mannequin Effect?

In post-production, a ghost mannequin effect is an effective technique for clothing photography. Using this method, you may create an accurate 3D representation of how your product fits by combining images taken from the inside and outside of the garment and then digitally erasing any sign of the model or mannequin.


For clothing product photography, the “ghost mannequin” effect, also known as the “invisible mannequin,” “3D mannequin” or the “hollow man,” is a straightforward and potent post-production method for overcoming the showcase issue. Using the “ghost mannequin” effect, it is possible to snap many pictures of a product while it is showing on a model or mannequin, and then digitally delete the model or form from it the photos. The final image will seem incredibly realistic while emphasizing your product.

How does the Ghost Mannequin Effect Work?

When editing images of clothing, products for an online store, or editorial pieces for a fashion magazine, the Ghost Mannequin Effect is often used. Photographing garments, photographers will occasionally use a mannequin or human model to represent the garments fit accurately. A mannequin or model may seem significant in a photo, but they ultimately serve no purpose beyond being an eyesore.

Several photographs were taken, some with and some without the mannequin, to capture the best possible results. After taking images, a designer might mix them to achieve the desired result. For illustration purposes, the designer may start by photographing the object from all angles, including the front and the interior. The original photograph is used as a starting point for the final product. The remaining gaps are filled in by incorporating images from different sources into the foundation image.

What are the Advantages of using Ghost Mannequin Editing Services?

The use of ghost mannequin editing service improves the attraction of your products, which can increase sales and revenue. Customers want to be confident in the quality and fit of an item of apparel before they purchase it. The 3D model should let the buyer get a good feel for the product’s proportions and fit. Accordingly, pictures enhanced in this way are more likely to result in a sale.

Techniques including spot and dust cleaning, product straightening, and product resizing are all part of the Ghost Mannequin service. All these things work together to guarantee that your final product will impress your target audience and boost your company’s success.

Which Businesses need Ghost Mannequin Service?

Ghost Mannequin Services are essential for any online clothes retailer, brick-and-mortar clothing store, publication, printer, or advertising agency. The products must appear complete and faultless in their photographs for advertising and marketing purposes. By using Ghost Mannequin Service, their jobs are simplified and their interactions with clients are improved. The majority of eCommerce enterprises and fashion consultancies utilize this solution.

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How To Create Ghost Mannequin Effect?

First of all, you need to prepare your studio. After capturing the necessary views, it’s time to use Photoshop. You have two options to create the invisible mannequin effect: do it yourself, or outsource it to a professional product image editing service like Touch Up Image.

Step By Step Guide To Create Ghost Mannequin Effect


You can easily create an invisible mannequin effect when you have the right post-production software (e. g. , Adobe Photoshop) and your product photos are excellent.


Step One: Use Photoshop to create layers on your files

You’llYou’ll need to fire up Photoshop and load up some photos of a mannequin and some foam core board first. Please select the image of your model and then make a new layer beneath it. White out that layer, and it’ll become your final backdrop color. Marking your layers with descriptive names helps you keep track of their contents and maintain order.


 Step Two: Locate and purchase the item on the model.

 It’sIt’s time to choose the item that will be displayed on your model now. Choose your preferred method (quick selection, lasso, or magic wand) and zoom in for a detailed examination. Each of these options can get you closer to your goal. Remember that a white background makes it simple to edit off the mannequin because the object stands out against the neutral tone.

Step Three: Place the mask and refine it

After you’ve picked out the whole thing, you can return and make your mask as tight as possible by cutting out the background and the mannequin. It’sIt’s possible to do this using the Refine Edge option in the Select menu. After selecting OK in the Refine Edge dialog box, apply a mask to the layer containing your clothing. Now that the white background you made is in place, you should be able to see your product floating freely in the air. Refine the mask and the product’s edges if necessary to get a uniform appearance.

Step Four: Repeat the previous steps using the foam board image

Now you can switch gears and repeat Steps 1–3 on the foam board version of your product image. It may seem strange to shoot a product from the inside out to display the back of the product, but this is necessary to get the whole “mannequin” effect. After we finish, it will be beautiful! To make a mask, start a new layer, select the product to remove, and refine it as needed.

Step Five: Put the images together

If the masks in both the foam board and invisible mannequin images are crisp and clear, you may copy the mask from the foam board image and paste it into the invisible mannequin image. Put the image of the mannequin on the bottom, and the image of the foam board on the bottom. The next step is to move the foam board layer behind the mannequin and shape it so that it curves gently just behind the shoulder.

Step Six: Cut away any unnecessary foam board layers

Currently, you should “hide” your mannequin layer and brush out the unnecessary elements of the foam board layer. In reality, the only crucial part of the neckline triangle between the shoulders is to maintain that shape. Keep an eye out for the exposed string across the back in the video below. Since it is already in place in the mannequin photograph, it is imperative that you recall to eliminate it from the foam board image. Verify that your layers are neat and nothing is misaligned once you’ve finished.

Step Seven: Create shadows and save

Last but not least, add a shadow between the two levels to give the final product some depth, and make sure to save a copy of the Photoshop file with all the layers intact. After saving the layer file, you should flatten or merge all of the layers into one and then save the image as a new file. Adding this last touch will give your photograph a polished, realistic appearance.

And with that, we can call it a day. You have finally mastered the art of the phantom mannequin!

How Save Time & Money to Create Ghost Mannequin Effect

We hope this guide has helped you learn how to create a ghost mannequin for your online store. If you want to do it yourself, that’s fine. But is it the best use of your time?

In order to save time and keep your work organized, you should use Touch Up Image. Ghost mannequin retouching works on any image via our online editing service: it only takes a few clicks to enable it.

Frequently Asked Question

Question:Is a mannequin really necessary for the photographs?

Answer:There is a common thread connecting the Ghost Mannequin service with the Neck joint service. Anytime a picture editor adjusts a ghost mannequin, they should also adjust the neck joint to make the model look its best.

Question:What is a Ghost Mannequin picture editing service?

Answer:By combining many images taken of a product while it was on a model or mannequin, Ghost Mannequin Services, and Neck Joint Services allow for the removal of the model or mannequin in the post-production phase.

Question:Are Ghost Mannequins and Neck Joints the same service?

Answer:We can all agree that in this day and age, the internet is indispensable. As a result, you should obviously sell your products online. You must avoid displaying your goods beside lifeless displays such as mannequins. If you want a flawless representation of your goods, you should eliminate the dummies.

Question:How can I take a good picture of a ghost mannequin?

Answer:Open your files in Photoshop and start making layers. Using the Selection Tool, pick the item featured in the mannequin photo. Achieve optimal mask placement and fine-tune. To finish the Foam Board Image, simply repeat the preceding procedures. Put the pictures together. Take away the extra pieces of Foam Board.