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Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin Service

Intro About Ghost Mannequin Service

Whether you believe it or not, ghost mannequin service is the best option to present apparel products. In industries like e-commerce and fashion, ghost mannequin effects will provide you with the best result possible. In comparison to model photography, it’s a unique option to go for.
Moreover, the ghost mannequin effect is the best alternative and is affordable as well. Because you don’t need to hire any model and spend any extra money at all.

Ghost Mannequin Ghost Mannequin

Our Ghost Mannequin Services

Our ghost mannequin service is one of the best to experience. We provide reliable and accurate results even in advanced tasks. Most of our clients are happy with our turnaround time and results. This is why you should check out our ghost mannequin service. It will boost your project’s accuracy and results.

Moreover, we have qualified graphic designers who work with dedication on each photo. Whether it’s a small or large project, we take each of your projects with total care. Our post-production pipeline provides you with the best possible results possible.

Why Choose Our Ghost Mannequin Service

We have a lot of things to our advantage. Our ghost mannequin service is always on time. We have a wide range of designers working on your projects all around the world. In addition, we provide you with the best customer support for the ghost mannequin service.

In case you get any issues we have a dedicated person to help you out. Moreover, we provide a free trial to every new customer in our service. Plus, you get extended discounts for large projects. Overall, it’s an affordable option for you which is also hustle-free.

Industries We Serve 

Even though the ghost mannequin is seen across different types of fields, it’s mainly for two sectors. The first one is the eCommerce industry and the second one is the apparel fashion industry. Both of the sectors need the ghost mannequin effects in their day-to-day operation. Perhaps, these are the sectors which we serve the most.

eCommerce Industry

Industries like eCommerce need a huge amount of apparel ghost mannequin service. This is why most of our customers are from mid to large e-commerce platforms. We provide the best apparel ghost mannequin effects on the apparel images.

As a result, they get unique effects on the apparel images. Customers are more interested in the unique effects. Plus, they get to imagine themself wearing the exact fabric item. This is why these eCommerce platforms get huge benefits out of these kinds of effects.

Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is one of the most common platforms where the ghost mannequin effect gets used. They use the effect to showcase their newly launched fashion product. Even though most of the time they use models, going for other types of effects is preferable as well.

Different kinds of fashion organizations like to release new kinds of fashion items all the time. They need these kinds of services to make their campaign successful. We provide constant support to these fashion brands to help them reach their goals.

Types Of Ghost Mannequin Services

Based on the removal process of the mannequin and complexity, we have divided it into different kinds of categories. You must learn about these services to get the most out of them. By dividing up the services, we have made it easier for you to choose the perfect package. Let’s have a look at it.

neck joinneck join

Neck Joint Service

At the neck joint service, we edit the neck area of the apparel. Afterward, we cut the neck area and then attached the back part of the fabric. We use photo retouching techniques to make it look like someone invisible is wearing the dress.

We have some of the best portfolios on the neck joint service. Each of the results is top-notch and industry standard. Among the ghost mannequin services, this is one of the most used ones. This is why you should check out the following category as well.

Car Photo Retouching 1Car Photo Retouching 1

Sleeve Joint Service

Sleeve joint is another highlighting service that is essential for long-sleeve dresses. As the designer cuts out the mannequin or model sleeve, it needs further editing. Using the following effects, we get to fix the sleeve joint issue and make it look realistic.

As the sleeve gets fixed up, the whole image looks more eye-pleasing as well. However, it’s an advanced-level task and needs proper attention. Apart from that, the designer must have proper knowledge of different kinds of blending and editing tools in Photoshop as well.

Vehicles Color Correction2  Vehicles Color Correction2

Bottom Joint Service

In most of the post-processing projects, the back part of the dress gets cut out. But it often leads to the bad appearance of the dress. This is why, going for bottom joint service is the best way to go. Because it gives you the actual appearance of the dress in one look.

We often take a cutout of the back part of the dress and attach it to the bottom part. As a result, it gives a sense that the dress is floating. In some cases, it feels as if someone invisible is wearing the dress. These kinds of effects are great for winter clothing accessories.

Automotive Shadow MakingAutomotive Shadow Making

Mannequin To Model

It’s the most unique service when it comes to Ghost Mannequin. In the following category, we remove the mannequin out of the photo and place a human model instead. However, you will need a human model photo with the same pose as the mannequin or dummy.

You must keep in mind that it’s a complex and creative task to go upon. Which is why it takes a bit of time and adjustment to fulfill. Perhaps, it’s a bit advanced and expensive service to have. But, it surely gives you a realistic appearance.

Avail A Free Trial Service by Becoming Our Client

As we have mentioned earlier, you will get a free trial as a new customer. Take the opportunity and have a try on our service. The uploading process is easy and our representative is always active on your queries. So, hit us with your sample photos, and let us show our editing skills.

Get Professional Ghost Mannequin Service Today

Now it’s time to level up your apparel photography projects. Get into our service and experience the superior ghost mannequin service. With our extraordinary post-processing technique, your photo will look the most unique among the sea of bland photos.

Experience the timely delivery, 24/7 support, and spot-on editing service. It will elevate your photography projects. Moreover, the dress will look more attractive to the audience and it will have a better chance of selling out. So, try out our ghost mannequin service right now.